Questions and Answers

Questions and answers about your Wedding, Engagement or Anniversary

Only a professional photographer can ensure a remember of that day as unique and original. There are many elements that must be considered: technological and stylistic efforts in the search for expression, attention and care in the preparation of each service and selection of the best suppliers.

Only professional tools. The use of quality equipment allows us to shoot in all weather conditions whilst ensuring reliability and accuracy.

We believe that beauty lies in the spontaneity of gesture, the emotion of the looks that only naturally able to convey. Being able to grasp everything with elegance and discretion is our task to you is just to have fun and live that day with the maximum intensity.

If you mean traditional family photographs that depict you with your loved ones in addition to wedding reportage, the answer is absolutely yes! Your wedding will be a complete story with all the people you love. If you have some special wishes, we will be happy of fulfill them.

We never do it. We prefer to document everything that inspires us without limits, and then select the most useful images to tell your story.

Yes, using suitable equipment professional, all the images will be fully post produced and we will choose the best images will work in black and white. This makes sure all the colors look fab and they look exactly the way we want them to in our style.

We provide the image files via internet at the highest resolution in jpeg format. This will leave you full autonomy in the management of prints.

Emotional Wedding photography owns the copyright of the images. You have the full permission to print your delivered images as many times as you like. If you would like to put your pictures online (Facebook or a blog, etc) we do ask you to please credit us.

The process of elaboration of the images deserves the same attention that we put in the field for the implementation of the service; which is why the files are stored on professional systems backup and easily retrievable.

Surely you can not wait to relive the moments of joy of that day. That’s why we will soon provide a small selection. Then in a maximum of two months (the times can be lengthened depending on the type of service you choose) we will deliver all the photos.

We offer different Albums to collect your memories. Please, view our Album solutions.

We love to travel! We are organized to handle services throughout Italy, Europe and all over the World. Contact us, specify the city and the location where the event will be, so we can estimate you the cost of transfer.

Contact us for availability for your date, for a quote or book the service by filling in the required information.
It will be important to have all the information to plan every detail and collect all the necessary information.