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About us

Our Team

We are dynamic, tireless romantic, sons of the ’80s, of the Polaroid, good music played on turntables. Careful observers of the nice things, elegance, sweets and romantic stories.
We live in Rome, a city full of history and romantic at the same time, where the ancient and the modern come together in a single overview.
We love to travel and discovering new cultures and places!

Revealing the real stories

The images we realize are a series of emotional photos, portraiture and search for details.
The beauty is in the spontaneity of gestures, in the emotion of the looks that only the naturalness can be transmitted. Being able to grasp everything with elegance and discretion is our job.
We carry out a careful collection of images that reveal your story, as it unfolds, and make the viewer feel within the story.

Our style

Our style is primarily journalistic, with elegant portraiture for bride and groom.
We know that each couple is unique in their style, character and circumstances, so we create images that are tailored.
The pictures we realize are always focused on the laughter, tears, emotions and excitement that you and your guests feel.


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